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We are a network of Torah scholars dedicated to bringing the power of Torah study to Jews everywhere. We offer a wide range of opportunities so that you can reap the benefits of Torah study.

Everybody wants blessing in their lives.  Our sages tell us: “Ein Segulah KaTorah” – there is no segulah as great as Torah learning. While people often busy themselves with segulos – spiritual shortcuts – of all kinds, why not take the proven most effective route? Harness the powerful merit of Torah study for yourself or a loved one.

Torah study is so fundamental and effective that it is recognized as “Better Than a Segulah.” Indeed, that is not just our name; it is our singular focus. We ensure that you can access Torah learning anytime, for any need.

How can Better Than a Segulah help you?

Our dedicated team of Torah scholars can learn any portion of Mishnah or Talmud as a merit for you or a loved one, no matter the occasion or situation; you can choose the topic or the duration of the learning. The powerful merit of Torah study will then be an advocate for you or your loved one in a time of need and an everlasting merit in this world and the next.
Better Than a Segulah – there is no better way to help yourself on the road to success.


I just wanted to provide you with a little update.

As you may recall, Saturday June 1, 2019 was the last day of the study for my merit, concerning a request that I have made to HKB”H for a new job. I have been searching for a new job since February because of an almost unbearable situation at my current workplace. From February to June – a total four-month period, I sent out numerous applications and no one ever responded to me.

Today, I received not one but two – two – to attend interviews for other jobs. Some may say that this is a “coincidence” – I respectfully differ. How could this possibly be anything but the Torah study being better than a segulah? If this is a coincidence, why would it happen exactly when the study terminated? It is, on my part, siyata dishmaya – a miracle.

I just wanted to express my profound appreciation and gratitude to you and to the talmidei chachamim who studied for the past few forty day sessions. I would like all of you to know that there is great merit in the work that you do. I got the yeshuos I was seeking – encouragement to continue to apply. Even if I don’t get a job offer (lo aleinu), getting to even an interview stage is a miracle for me.

Thank you so much and keep up the excellent work. I am so happy to know Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah, Better Than A Segulah and your work. I wish more people did.

May you merit more and more blessings from Hashem.

C. L. – Montreal, Canada

I was in shidduchim for almost three years and the past few months had been especially quiet. I saw an ad for Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah and decided to sponsor 40 days of Gemara. After just one week, we heard positive responses from two shidduchim. Though the first one didn’t end up working, the second was going well when my 40 days were up. I sponsored another 40 days and davened that if this shidduch was the right one it should go smoothly. Now with only one week left, I am B”H a kallah!
Enclosed is a check for the next 80 days for one amud of Gemara a day. Please learn in the zechus of myself & my chosson that we should build a bayis ne’eman b’yisrael.
The words “thank you” are not sufficient to express my everlasting hakoras hatov.

G. C., Lakewood

Dear Binah,
With several older siblings in the shidduch parashah, Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah’s ad in your pages for their “Better than a Segulah” campaign caught my eye. The idea of sponsoring Torah learning as a zechus was particularly appealing — kind of like “back to basics.” Haven’t we always learned that “Talmud Torah k’neged kulam”?
I decided to sponsor a learning cycle as a zechus for my older sister, and baruch Hashem, during the time the limud was taking place, she became a kallah. A year later, I repeated
my sponsorship, this time for my next sister, and amazingly, during that learning period, she also became a kallah!
Thank you for a wonderful publication and for bringing this opportunity to my attention. May we continue to share simchos in Klal Yisrael!
R.B. – Brooklyn, NY (Binah, May 30, 2011 Reprinted with permission)
This letter is sitting around for a few days, now I know why –
My friend whom I davened for throughout these four times
and started another cycle when I got engaged –
got engaged tonight!
Hashem listens to our prayers, and loves those who learn His Torah.
S.Y. – Monsey, NY
The donation I gave your organization, for parnassah, is already seeing results. A few days after your avreich started the study of a Mishnah a day on my behalf, I received a check from a client who owed me a sizeable amount of money. The following week I received several new work assignments. And just a few days ago, I learned that a recently completed project is doing very well financially.
Many thanks to your organization for opening the Gates of Shomayim with your Torah study!
Tizku l’mitzvos.
E.F. – Jerusalem, Israel